Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Morning Honesty did Sarah do? Very well, very well. I am down to 260.0 exactly as of this morning. I am quite proud. Yesterday, I started that delightful time known as "Aunt Flo" and I fought off the potato chip cravings. I think I must have swept the house ten times, trying not to think of Pepsi and barbecue chips (my usual monthly indulgence.) Oh well, at least my floors are clean...for now!

*Not* going to go for exercise this morning because we are expecting some super dreadful weather, and I may have to be running children to school in the car, instead of sending them by bicycle or bus.

I am quite pleased with a 5 pound weight loss in one week. However, I am aware that the first week of dieting is usually the most successful, because the body is basically shocked. I realize it's going to get harder. I also need to incorporate more exercise, because that 5 pound weight loss was really all diet, no movement. Can you imagine how much I'd lose if I actually did both? Wowzers.

Anyway, I hope all of my readers have a blessed Monday today!


kathi said...

Congratulations! Keep up the good work! You can do it!

Sarah R said...

Thanks Kathi! I sure appreciate the kudos! :)

Kelly said...

Woo Hoo Sarah!!! You are doing fabulously.

Maybe I should blog about my weight loss. My family would be happy if I'd blog period. My life with boys blog is sorely neglected.

I've lost 10# since 2/27. It's been slow going, but I am happy. I'll be a turtle....slow and steady wins the race!

Doug, however, has lost 45# since the beginning of January! He is doing SO great! He has much, much more to lose than I do, but I am so proud of him for his great attitude and ability to just keep going!

Sarah R said...

I'm proud of both you and Doug! It's so difficult losing weight when you're driving. That is quite an accomplishment!

mom2nji said...

Wow you go girl! So what have you cut out? I really need to lose weight, this knee injury has shown me what terrible shape I am in. Lack of movement right now is my big issue!

Sarah R said...

Well, I have had no soda in over two weeks. I've also not had a regular slice of bread, only English muffins and pita bread type stuff. And instead of saying "no treats" I have just been making sure nothing has hydrogenated oil.
My favorite snacks are: walnuts (I measure them) those cheese sticks sold for kids lunchboxes, half of a Hershey's special dark bar, two fig newtons, garlic and parmesan pita chips (I buy them at BJ's, 9 chips are 120 cals and totally delish), sunflower seeds. Sometimes I'll even take a piece of lunch meat and roll it up and just snack on that. I like popcorn too, but I need a hot air popper because the microwave popcorn is just icky. I am hoping Mr. R will buy one for my birthday.
My other trick is (I guess not really a trick, many people have said this before me) is not to let myself get to the point where I'm starving. I eat about every 3 hours. Breakfast around 8am, snack around 10:30 to 11, lunch around 12:30-1, snack again around 3pm, dinner around 6. I don't ever get to the point where I'm ravenous and could start eating my fax machine.
As far as movement goes, that is my downfall. In fact, as soon as Bucket leaves for school, I'm going to go for a walk before I sit down to work. Once I'm working, I'm not going anywhere!