Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pray for Him

Guys, I rarely come on here to ask for prayer, but I need to, today. Mr. R HATES this new job. Turns out the guy who recruited him lied about his hours, and we just found out that Mr. R has to work every single day in December. Not one day off. 31 days straight. No Christmas, no Christmas Eve, no seeing Tiger play the saxophone at church, no house decorating, no tree trimming, no present shopping. For 31 days, the man will eat, drive, eat, drive, eat and drive. And maybe sleep. He is devastated, as the reason for coming off the road was to see us, his family. Now his plans have been snatched away by an unscrupulous person. I literally cannot remember the last time he has been so depressed and despondent.

The saving grace is, he is going to make a ton of money, and we plan to pay off our last two credit cards, my laptop, and get a new washer and dryer (they are both over 12 years old.) He is going to stick with it until January, and after that, we are going to discuss our options. He may go back to over the road (sigh.) We have another option that I'm not willing to talk about yet, but whatever he chooses, I plan to support him. He's a good man, a hard worker, a caring father. I know whatever he chooses, will be beneficial to our family.


Kelly said...

Oh Sarah, that just stinks. Ever since Doug lost his local job nearly 4 years ago, all but 1 recruiter lied to him. The one that was honest, it was a nice job, but just didn't pay enough.

I'm so sorry he is hating his job. How can he possibly work 31 days straight? Won't he run out of hours?

Sarah R said...

When you're running inside the state of Florida, you don't have log's a sneaky way to overwork your drivers. It's downright dangerous and should be outlawed. Yeah, I said it.

Kelly said...

Oh my! How do they get around the federal regulations?? Aren't those federal laws?

Allen Skipper said...

That is awful! I will be praying for him for sure. Thanks for caring and wanted us to all pray.


Sarah R said...

Since he's running only in the state of Florida, federal laws don't apply.
And no, I understand why. It's shady and sneaky.