Sunday, February 10, 2013

Trying Again

I have a three day weekend!  I decided to take Monday off to spend time with my awesome husband.  Not only that, but I am tracking my cycle again, and this Monday happens to be MY BEST DAY.  So I said, why not?  I have flexible PDO.  Plus it's fun to do anyway.  I think when you've been married for nearly nineteen years, and have been together for twenty three years all together, the fact that you still desire each needs to be fed and nourished and I'm soooo down with that!

I think you can tell when my hubby is the one taking pictures instead of me.  What can I say, he makes me smile.

What am I wearing?  Black ruffle blouse, JCPenney, gift from my sister back in Christmas...2009 or 2010?  Green Merona dress, purchased off eBay many years ago, black Target flats.  Teal handbag, purchased from my local Orange City, Florida Ross for $20 back in January.
Despite how stinkin adorable I am, my cough remains.  I am SICK TO DEATH of coughing!  I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, I'm sure I will be put on a Zpack and I don't even care.  I'm over this horrifying cough!  I missed most of church today because I had to leave during the sermon because I couldn't stop.  Ugh, no bueno!

I love Florida in is 75 out, glorious sunshine and a great breeze.  Pray for us to conceive this cycle, my dear readers!  I already figured I'd be due in November, and I love that.


Cheriz Angel said...

I like it. Is the shirt pleated on the bottom? It almost has a peplum look.

Sarah R said...

It is pleated, you have a great eye. I find this shirt difficult to wear, as it's very sheer. Not sure why it didn't occur to me to wear it over a dress, but it worked out well. Last time I wore this was February 2011!