Monday, February 11, 2013

R & R

I had the BESTEST DAY!!!  First, we went to my doctor appointment where we discovered my blood pressure was kind of high.  I'm really not surprised, as I was taken off my meds when I was pregnant, and I never went back on them.  Plus, I've been sick and stressed out about it, which will raise my pressure.  And I had an enormous cup of caffeinated coffee right before the visit.  Luckily, we worked out my dosage...I doubled the dose of the medication which is safe for pregnant women, and have completely discontinued the other meds I was on, which I like.  I have an order for lab work, and I had a credit at the office so I didn't have to pay today.  Score!

Then Mr. R and I walked into downtown DeLand.  We had a leisurely, unhurried breakfast.  Then he went to a cigar store and got himself a few sticks.  I wandered into an antique shop and bought nothing.  We held hands and chatted and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine.  Then we drove to my mom's because she had a Valentine basket for the kids, then we went to WalMart so the husband could buy fishing lures and I bought sour cream for burritos tonight, but forgot to buy garbage bags.

Hanging out in my mom's dining room.

Loving on my mama!
A day off?  Everyone needs one, someday!  I enjoyed mine.  Too bad I can't work 4 10-hr shifts every week, I think I would like that very much!

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