Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Back On Atkins

I know I mentioned that I had been to IKEA!!! on Saturday with my sister.  Ikea is laid out very weirdly, in my opinion.  As I said Saturday, it's "both annoying and brilliant."  You see, you can't just drop in and get one thing and leave.  Oh NO.  You have to go through the entire store...there is one way in and one way out.  My sister and I spent three HOURS walking through Ikea until we got to the end...and we were both in bad shape once we finished.  Me?  I was out of breath, panting, and my feet were killing me.  My sister had an accident at work back in November where she fell on her knee while carrying all her teacher gear (she's a 5th grade teacher) and she was literally limping by the time we got out.  We had tons of fun, ate a lot of Swedish meatballs, but we both realized...we are in our 30s and can't even shop for an afternoon without needing Advil and heat packs?  Sad...incredibly, incredibly sad.  I am so out of shape it's not funny. 

I have never minded being plus sized, but I do mind not being able to walk for three hours.  I realize the weight that I carry is not helping me at all.  So when I went grocery shopping last week, I made sure to stock up on canned veggies and meats and start Atkins again.  Atkins is good for me, a diabetic.  It helps me lower my blood sugar, and for some reason, I have no menstrual cramps when I do Atkins which I find odd but it makes me happy.

When I got up yesterday, I completely forgot about my recommitment to Atkins (I guess I had a case of the Mondays!) and ate half a bagel before I remembered.  So I pigged the heck out yesterday to get it all out of my system (I had chips, Pepsi, pizza...what a mess!) and made sure I stuck to Atkins today.  So far, so good although it's only been 4 hours!  I've had my cup of coffee (with half and half, totally allowed on Atkins) and a protein shake with almond milk.  The protein mix is leftover from when I was pregnant with Fergus and it was the only thing I could hold down.  The almond milk only has 1 g of sugar and the protein powder has none at all.  Tonight I'm making beef and broccoli stirfry....yummo!

I weighed myself this morning and was at 267...surprised I had actually lost weight since Fergus passed away, I was at 272 back in December.  But my blood sugar was 157 this morning, thank you pizza and Pepsi.  Blood sugar should really be under 110 so that was quite high.  Instead of saying I want to lose 100 lbs, which seems so daunting, I've decided to set mini goals instead.  Right now, I'm looking forward to meeting 250.  It would be nice to say hello to 250 by end of March.  Here's to health!

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