Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Too Much, Too Soon

Welcome to my new readers.  Sorry you're joining in on a time when I'm an emotional wreck.  But hello!

So I decided last week that I would start exercising again.  I went on one simple walk; was chased by my neighbor's dog again, and ended up dealing with Animal Control.  Basically, if they don't catch the dog outside, they can do nothing.  So I pretty much need to get bitten before they can do anything.  Shouldn't be a problem; I'll be taking my walks with a taser from now on.  Plus, because of the crazy sprint I had to do to get back in my house before I became dog food, I started bleeding again.  I'm taking it easy today.  I mean, I'm working, but no walking today.  I just need to relax.

No pictures, as I've truly been in my pajamas for two days, which you all know is not like me.  I can barely get the energy to shower and dress myself.

I have been keeping up on my Bible reading, and I remembered to fill my vitamin tray this morning.  I am still taking my prenatals, as they are a good thing to take for a woman my age, even if I'm not pregnant.

The kids are back in school; this is Missy's last semester before she graduates.  I can't believe my baby is practically done with school.  I'm so pleased, she's so ready to grow up and move on, and I love watching her waltz into adulthood.

Mr. R got a great trip to Colorado, so I won't see him for a while.  I'm praying that I will be completely physically healed by the time he gets home, in probably late January.

I slept for 9 hours last night, but all three kitties were in my room, bugging me.  But I was too tired to get up to throw them all out.  The oldest cat, O'Malley, is 14 years old and snores like a lumberjack.  Nutmeg is a quiet sleeper, but Pepper is a kitten who wanted to play all night.  I am POOPED.  I also dreamed about tsunamis last night.  Tsunamis were a frequent nightmare I had as a kid, when I lived in Rockaway Beach and I was terrified of tidal waves.  I don't think I've had a tsunami dream in 15 years.  I woke up TIRED.

Sorry, I've got nothing else for now.  Have a wonderful, blessed day.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. New reader...thanks for you writing. Now about that dog. I humbly suggest calling the news. Pitbulls should not be left roaming and events like this should be taken seriously by the police BEFORE someone gets hurt. The news stations have a way of making the police do more faster.