Sunday, October 7, 2012

Seven Hundred

Wow, my 700th post!  Amazing.  I wish I had an exciting outfit planned, but I threw clothes on and ran out of the door, really.  It was one of those days at church when I wonder if I'm cut out for the ministry.  I like working with children, but when they lie right to my face and try to physically hurt me...I don't like being punched, kicked, scratched, spit on, pinched, or slapped.  I didn't even stay for church.  After I was done with kids ministry, I left and came home.  I just feel like cleaning.  I came home and discovered that *someone* closed the door to the litterbox and now my house reeks of cat pee.  I can't even open the doors because it's still over 90 outside plus so humid, so not only would my house still stink, but it would be filled with bugs and probably rain.   So I'm washing clothes that were peed on, lit some candles, and am praying it won't rain because my dryer is STILL NOT WORKING.  I'm going on week 3 of not having a dryer.  The part that was ordered is finally in and they're coming Monday to fix it.  I can't believe the highlight of my week is going to be a dryer.  Sad.

As much as I love these Target flats, I think it's time I buy a black peeptoe heel.  I look short and stumpy.  Of course, that's because I AM short and stumpy, but no need to advertise my shortcomings!

Merona for Target animal print dress, purchased off eBay, can't remember the price but it was recent.  The top is an Avenue cardigan type blazer, size 18/20.  I think I bought it either 2010 or 2012.  And my old Target flats.

I felt cute and sassy.  Then I spent less than two hours at church and came home feeling defeated.  I definitely need to spend more time in the Word.  Little things like undisciplined kids shouldn't knock me down like it did today. 

Hair is getting long again...past my shoulders.  I got the awesome birthday haircut about 5 months ago.  My hair sure grows fast!

So I'm sitting here typing and you know what I hear?  Rain.  What's outside?  Clothes.  Sigh.


Cheriz Angel said...

Cute dress.

Cheriz Angel said...

Cute dress.

Sarah R said...

Thanks, Cheriz. It is one of my favorites. Gotta love Merona!