Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day In, Day Out

Sorry I haven't posted; I check for comments every day, but I haven't had any inspiration for a post. 

I get dressed every morning, but it's something boring so taking a picture seems silly.  It's normally a long skirt, a tank top, and my hair pulled back in a ponytail (yes, it's long enough again already!).  I had a skin break out so I'm not wearing much make up lately.  I clock in, work, clock out, eat lunch, play on facebook or take a nap.  Then I clock in, work, clock out, make dinner.  All this week, I've worked overtime after dinner too. 

Mr. R is in Dallas.  He'll be home next week because he has a follow up dentist appointment, and a new appointment with an ENT to get some answer regarding his horrific snoring issues.   The kids fight constantly.  They are so cruel to each other that I sometimes stand in the hallway, listening to them rip each other apart, with tears in my eyes.   I hate to say it, but my favorite part of the day is when they go to school, and when they come home, the hatefulness either starts up or continues.  Who knows if they are like this in school, or if they just act like this at home.  I don't know.  I remember my sister and I not getting along much in high school, but I was never particularly cruel to her.  I just ignored her...not sure if that's any worse, but at least my mom didn't have to hear me being hateful. 

Also, the dryer has been broken for going on two weeks now.  I had an extended warranty on it, so I called the store to get the appliance looked at.  It took a repairman a week to come out.  Then he told me the dryer element had died, and he had to order a new part, which would take another week.  I do have a clothesline, but it will not stop raining.  Normally, a dark rainy day is something I adore, but when you have dripping clothes on hangers all over your house, and panties drying on a rack in the living room, I will take a sunshiney day, please!

One of my best friends is pregnant again.  She called me, but I could tell she was hesitant to tell me her news.  That made me feel awful; I don't want people not to be joyful because they can get pregnant, and I can't.  I am thrilled for her, and happy for a new baby to hold.  The baby is due in June, and I'm very excited!

This morning, I sit here wearing my ankle length Walmart black skirt.  I have on my Target black and white striped tank.  I'm barefoot, and desperately need a pedicure.  However, I have a clear coat for my manicure.  My nails are looking GREAT lately.  So much that I keep pinning crazy decorative manis on my Pinterest.  I have an Avon party to attend this Saturday, and if it ever stops raining, I am thinking about heading to the beach Sunday after church.  I haven't been in months!  It is dark outside, cozy inside, and the dishwasher is humming.  I just printed my work schedule, and it's looking great.  It was 169 on Monday, and this morning I managed to get it to 102.  Guess that overtime paid off.  I keep applying for coding jobs at the hospital, with no response.  I basically feel like I'm in a holding pattern right now.  So I'm sorry if this post is boring and picture free, but I've got nothing.  You can tell me about your day  life instead.  How are you?

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