Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Long Journeys Start With Small Steps

I rearranged my schedule at work so that instead of clocking in around 6:15, I start at 7:30 instead.  Time in the morning to eat breakfast, check my sugar, read my Bible, and go for a walk.  No running yet, I'm not ready.  I'm not checking my weight yet, but my sugar has already gone down.  Good positive change so quickly is a good thing.  Yesterday, my sugar was 144 in the morning, and this morning it was 131.  Amazing what NOT EATING SUGAR will do for you!

I need to go shopping so I can get some more fresh veggies into my system.  Atkins is not just bunless bacon double cheeseburgers.  Pinterest has given me tons of great ideas about low carb entrees.  One that I found was shepherds pie in muffin tins so you can have individual portions when you need them!  And instead of mashed potatoes on top, you top the pie with mashed cauliflower.  Brilliant!  I think I'm going to need a few more muffin tins.  I only have one and it's a busted mess.  I also love roasted veggies.  It's still really too hot to turn the oven on that high, but once the weather cools down, I hope to have pans of roasted broccoli, green beans and onions, cauliflower, and I'm sure I will find new veggies. 

Tonight, I am making stir fry beef and broccoli!  Love Chinese food!


Kelly said...

I like to roast brussel sprouts with sweet onions. Yummy!

Sarah R said...

Oooh, confession. I've never had brussels sprouts. Never.

Jill said...

My parents used to try to get us kids to eat brussel sprouts once...never again. I have heard they are delicious roasted. I also love roasted peppers and parsnips. Yum!

Sarah R said...

Ok, I love peppers, and I've never had parsnips!

funny said...

wish you always happy ^_^