Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Seeds Planted

Raising three teenagers, one with autism, is NOT EASY.  I have lots of days when I wonder Sweet Jesus where did I go wrong?  And then...praise Him, someone throws me a bone and I realize, I DID do a good job!  They DO have manners!  I didn't get stretch marks for nothin'!!

Mr. R is getting very little work these days and things are tight.  Not "lose the house" tight or "we're gonna go hungry" tight but we are behind on a few bills and there's no room for entertainment, such as movies or shopping.  And I'm ok with that; it's not super fun but it's not going to kill us.  I was able to buy two jars of delicious salsa from my church friend and it truly bummed me out that I couldn't buy chips for it until Friday.  Still, I was really looking forward to Friday, going to Publix to get my Fritos Scoops and devour this delicious salsa.

So imagine my delight when I was away from my desk and when I came back, my daughter had set a bag of scoops on my desk.  She used her own money (!!) to buy me the chips.  I actually teared up...not because of the chips themselves, but because my daughter saw me wanting something and without me nudging her, decided to treat me.  She was being generous.  Thoughtful.  Self sacrificial.  Caring.

Dang, peeps.  I guess I did good after all!


Lisa in Texas = ) said...

I can SO relate to this post. I have 2 sons - 20+22yrs old. And it has been my experience that each of them have made choices that I would want them to have made-but over all they are kind and good young men. Lots of prayers for those children of ours - they all need it - this is a tough time to be growing up in, God bless, Lisa :O)

Sarah R said...

You are so right about that, Lisa! I certainly wouldn't want to be a teenager now. And thank you for the kind words! Have a blessed day!