Friday, April 27, 2012

Cheater Cheater Potato Eater

I rarely make plans for a Friday night, but I was invited to a banquet to raise funds for our local resource pregnancy center.  In case you don't know, I am pro-life.  That's probably not a surprise to most considering I am a born again Christian.  I may lose readers when I say it, and that's ok.  I am who I am.  Anyway, I worked all day, and didn't have much to eat (I had a chocolate Atkins shake for breakfast, and scrambled eggs with bacon for lunch.)  When I got to the banquet, none of the food was Atkins friendly.  I did my best, but I ate...POTATOES!  And was hardly worth the cheat.  Bland and I should have gotten dessert instead, but I didn't.  I mean, if you're going to cheat, I'm not sure it should be with potatoes.  What I would have loved was a cappucino and an apple crumble.  Weird!  So note to self: if you don't know what is being served, have a snack before you go, or you end up eating mushy bland potatoes with no seasoning.

Wanna see what I wore?

One of my old favorite Merona for Target dresses...I believe 2010, and I got it off eBay, definitely under $20.  Purple cardi from Avenue, again I believe 2010, I think $20 again.  Purple flats from Payless, 2011, it was a buy one get one half off sale.  Fake croc bag, JCPenney, 2011, I had a gift certificate and a coupon, so under $20.  Target jewelry, $12.  Don't tell anyone, but I see the beginnings of what could be an actual WAIST.

6:30pm, and it's blinding sunshine outside.

Is it just me...or is my face finally getting smaller?

I can't pull this off, can I?


Kelly said...

You look great! And your skin looks so nice and clear, too.

I've been having fun browsing fashion blogs lately. I posted several on my FB...did you see them? So a couple of those gals, they bought many of their clothes from Target. I've never, ever bought clothes from Target.

So last weekend, Doug and I wandered on down to Target (because you know I just had to go and do it because other people looked cute!), and found some great things.

I am a little irritated though. I tried on a skirt, the same skirt in 2 different colors (black and leopard). I tried it in the size I wear, decided not to spend the money, and walked off.

So a little later we go and look at those skirts again, and I decide I want it, but in kahki. I grabbed my size that fit me in the other two EXACT SAME skirts, bought it, brought it home, took off the tags, hung it in the closet. Wednesday I went to put it on for work, and it is SO DANG TIGHT! I cannot even pull it up above my rear UNZIPPED! UGH. I'm going to give it to my tiny sister and hope they have another one in a size that I can wear. I so wish I did not take off the tags or toss the receipt!

And oh on the potatoes...yeah...sugar is always better LOL. I tried atkins a few times, and just could not make it a lifestyle for me because I need sugar and potatoes and yummy Starbucks drinks. I floundered until I found something that would let me have those things :)

You are doing a great job! How is the running going?

Sarah R said...

No, I don't remember you posting those! I'll have to scroll back. Work has been a beast and I've hardly been on there.

Target can be iffy, that's for sure. For the Merona collection, I'm a 1x. No issues. But they have another collection which I can't remember the name of, and I'm a 3x! That's a HUGE difference!

I think if I weren't a diabetic, I could have done what you did. But I clearly have bigger issues with sugar and my pancreas and I needed to wipe my slate clean. Trust me, I miss my Starbucks. I'm having some for breakfast now, but it's just coffee with creamer, no sugar.

My skin is clearing up, but I have some bad scars on my chin. Thinking about trying mederma to see if it will come off.

D'Rae N said...

Looking good Sarah! I LOVE Target!!!

Kelly. You can still tak pe the skirt back! If you purchased it on your credit or debit card, they can use your card and search for the transaction in their system. I have done that before.

D'Rae N said...

Looking great Sarah. I love target.

Kelly, you can still take it back to target. As long as you purchased it on your credit or debit card they can look up the transaction in the system. it's easy!

Taylor said...

You really think saying you're pro-life would lose you readers? Probably not as many as if I said I was pro-choice! (Which I am, but I am a respectful, intelligent person and don't judge.) You're not going to stop following me now, are you? :)

You look great in this outfit, by the way - purple really suits you and I love that pattern!

Sarah R said...

Not at all, Taylor. I don't follow political blogs for a reason. And I'm sure I might lose some readers, I've lost some before when I've mentioned my faith or ideals, but it's ok. I don't worry too much about it. ;) And thank you! I like purple quite a bit.

Iman and Ikram said...

Nice Glasses :)!