Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Need Palazzo Pants

Ok, that's it.  I love my skirts and dresses; Monday - Saturday, you will be hard pressed to see me in anything else, except maybe my workout clothes.  But after today, I think I will be retiring my skirts and dresses for Sundays.  I spent most of today dealing with two very sweet little boys who both thought the most awesome place to hang out was under my skirt.  Both of whom have no social boundaries (hence the autism diagnosis) and while I was very firm with both of them about "Under Miss Sarah's skirt is private and no one is allowed down there" both of them kept diving in.  After an hour, I was getting pretty annoyed and had it been one of my own kids, a swat on the bottom would have been warranted. (Clearly, I'm not laying my hands on kids at church)  There is also now a rip where I had tucked it under my feet while sitting on the floor, and it tore when one of them tried to grab it to hide underneath.  Not cool.  I hope I can fix it.  So I will be shopping for some palazzo pants; still roomy enough for me to be comfy and sit on the floor with the kids, and plus, I'll get to wear some of my many tops just collecting dust in my closet.  So probably not next Sunday, but maybe the Sunday after, I will have some new item of clothing to debut.

So what was all the fuss about?

My mermaid skirt now has a rip in it.

No idea why any kid would want to hide under here!

So, as you can see by my hair, I am sick of it, plus my grays are coming back in with a vengeance.  I despise having gray hair.  Funny, I think it looks hot on Mr. R, but I DO NOT like it on me one bit.

Miraculous new invention called LEAVE IN CONDITIONER! Manageable hair, but I need a trim or something because it looks awful!

I really don't like wearing white shirts.  I think they wash me out, so I made sure to wear the blue green necklace near my face, plus green earrings. 
Church was great today, except for the nosy little boys!  (I do love those boys...but they just have limits!) We are going to be doing a VBS in July and I'm both looking forward to it, and dreading it.  I love kids, I really do.  But I could not be a teacher.  I get annoyed very quickly when unruly children do not follow directions and rules, and that includes my own kids.  Sometimes I'm still not sure how I ended up in children's ministry!  But in every church I've ever been to, that's where I end up.  VBS this year sounds like a ton of work, and of course, I will be one of the autism supporters.  They wanted me to run an actual Bible room, which is something I'd love to do, but I we are already short on autism volunteers, so I need to stay put.

I'm not used to my hair laying so flat.  That leave in conditioner sure is something!

The best picture out of the bunch, I think.  Coldwater Creek shirt, size 1x, eBay.  Avenue skirt, 2011, $20?  Necklace from my friend Natalie, and Avenue shoes.


"Bucket, give me a hug!"  "Arrrrgggghhhhhh!"

Turquoise pedi.  How cute!


Kelly said...

Oh I LOVE that skirt. Did you get it at Walmart? I have a chocolate brown one just like that.

I bought a new skirt and blouse today, thought it looks cute in the dressing room, brought it home and tried it on for Doug, and now I'm not so sure. The skirt needs taken in in the waist. Sadly they didn't have the next size down. But I am 7 lbs. from my goal, so don't want to have it taken in yet, and it's really long, so maybe I should just return it? I dunno......

Taylor said...

See, I think white looks fine on you - but I HATE it on me, even when I have a tan. I love those metallic shoes - I need some!

Sarah R said...

Kelly...if you love it, have it taken in. You know you'll wear it even more if you spend a bit more money on it. At least, I would! And this skirt is by Avenue. It's a size 18/20 and is a bit big on me now, but I'm probably still a bit "hippy" for the next size down. I would love a brown skirt, I actually do not own one.

Taylor...I love these metallic shoes, I wear them constantly! I also have the same pair in a pearl pink but I wear these quite a bit more! And I have to admit, the white is not that bad...I did get a bit of a tan the last time I went to the beach, and it definitely helped!

Kelly said...

I'm considering taking it in and hemming it....well paying somebody to do that because I sure can't lol. I may put the outfit on tomorrow, take a picture, and ask for opinions on FB. I'll pin it at the waste so it hangs right anyway.

I love it because it's long and flowy and a princess style so flares a little at the bottom with all the panels. And it's bright, bright blue. And I bought a scarf that has that blue, a turquoise and white and mustard yellow in it. I can wear my fabulous new turquoise sandals with it. So we'll see.