Friday, May 4, 2012

Gonna Get My Housewife On!

I **LOVE** housework.  It's true!  You wouldn't have known that had you met me 15 years ago.  I hated doing anything housework.  But as I've grown older and more appreciative of having a clean house, good food. organized clothes and no dustbunnies, I've gotten very domestic minded.  I can tell you that  Mr. R loves that, because he is very orderly.  I've called him the White Finger Nazi because that man can find dust anywhere.  I was invited to quite a few social get togethers this weekend, and I turned them all down but one (I said yes to the autism meeting, and that's because I have to go; I'm a director!)  Decided that my Saturday will be filled with cleaning, organizing, cooking, and getting this house back in order.  It makes me so happy!

Time to get out of bed, Sarah!

There are no active pimples, that is just the scarring from earlier this year.  Man, it's bad.

I bought this dress at Goodwill for $4.  It's supposed to be a beach cover up.  I like the color and it's really comfy.  But I shouldn't wear it like this until I'm pregnant.  Because I sure LOOK pregnant.  Oh, this is my kids' bathroom.  No one would take my picture today.  I may need a tripod soon.

That one little piece of hair that always sticks up; sigh.  Cowlicks are WEIRD.

Whoo baby!  That hair sure is getting long!

My brilliant idea for the kids bathroom.  No storage (an issue in this house, let me tell you!)  I bought a plastic shoe rack for $5 and hung it up on their door.  Now their sink is clear and all their "stuff" is in the pockets.  Just because the packaging says it's for shoes, doesn't mean you have to use it that way!

What?!!?  Two people called in sick today?  Kill me.  Kill me now.

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