Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wedged In

I already own a pair of red espadrille wedges, so when I saw these on sale at my closing KMart last week, I picked them up.  Nude (weird light brown tan color?) suede-ish wedges.  Not all that comfortable.  I took them off to work in kids ministry today.  But I think they look cute.

They are "Bongo" size 9 1/2 (a full size larger than I normally wear) and I got them for $8.  Not sure why they run so small.  I tried a 9 and could barely get my foot into it.

Today I wore one of the Walmart skirts I picked up for $11 last year.  Cute colors!  I've already showed you the red one I bought, this is the blue.  It is so comfortable and I can wear it to church and the beach!  I'm all about versatile, casual, modest and chic clothing!  Plus it has a built in slip so I love it even more.  And such vibrant colors; you can see me coming from a mile away!

Aqua wrap top, from eBay.  Can't remember what I spent on it.  Purple stone necklace and earring set, Target.  About $12.  Walmart skirt, $11, 2011.  White tank for modesty, $2 Walmart.  Wedges, KMart, $8, 2012. 

A difficult hair morning, and skin which is still healing.  I keep breaking out, on my chin only.

Work has been bad lately.  I hear through the grapevine that due to our department being unable to keep up with demand, that they are considering letting us all go.  At this point, I throw up my hands and say, "let it be."  I work so very, very hard.  I work late, I work through lunch, I work at night.  I'm not willing to give up any more of my precious time; to be a mom, a friend, and to work at church.  So if it happens, it happens.  I will do my best until I find out I'm being let go.  I am applying to other jobs, but I just keep hearing nothing.  I have complete and utter peace about it, though.  I think I'm so exhausted that for the first several weeks, I'd probably sleep during the day.

Atkins is going well, although the weight loss itself has slowed.  I'm still down 12 lbs, which is how much I was down last week.  I went up two pounds, and then lost two pounds.  I was on my cycle last week which I guess is why that happened.  I also had no menstrual cramps or aches whatsoever!  My blood sugar is still excellent, too.  Even though the scale showed nothing this week, I feel good and I'm going to continue.  We went to the movies last night, and I didn't cheat even then; I had no soda, candy or popcorn.   Now I need to step up the exercise a bit, too.

Last but not least:  Who wants to work when this sweetie wants your attention, anyway?

"Mommy, look at how adorable I am!"

"Look at my sweet face.  I needz da snugglez."

"Put down the keyboard or you'll DIE."


Taylor said...

That aqua color is so good on you! Isn't it disappointing when wedges are uncomfortable? I don't know why but with stilettos I kind of expect it - certainly not from flats or wedges. They sure are cute though, which makes it even more disappointing.

Sarah R said...

Thank you! I don't normally like aqua but I get compliments when I wear it, so I guess I should wear this color more often. The shirt makes me sweat, though. The wedges might be uncomfy just because I'm not really used to them. Since I work from home, I'm constantly barefoot. I've gotten used to just not wearing shoes!