Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 25 of June Dresses: Meow.

Oh, Target.  Disappoint, you do not.  I fluffy heart love your plus size dresses.

Merona for Target dress, size 2 (which is why it's a bit big on me.) 

This dress is comfy like pajamas!

Things this dress needs: 1) a belt.  2) some cute earrings.  3) someone who can wear eye make up without fear of a second infection 4) shoes.

Oh, for anyone who has been watching the news: we are safe.  We are getting tons of much needed, beneficial rain.  My kids are sleeping, the house isn't hot, the coffee is plentiful, and my workload is manageable.  I am blessed.  If anything, please be praying for my eyes to feel better.  While the "pink" part of pink eye has gone away, my eyes hurt pretty bad.  I keep using my drops and while it does help for a while, the burning itchy sensation remains.  I wouldn't say I'm miserable, but taking a nap is not an option today to rest my poor eyes, and so I continue to work, which is stressing them out.  Probably explains the new pimple that cropped up, too.  Stress, stress, stress.


RJ said...

Hey Sarah,how is your eye doing?
Great Dress, I Like it with out a belt actually :)


Sarah R said...

Hi RJ...they hurt. It spread from my right eye to my left, and it's driving me crazy. Please be praying for my poor little eyeballs to heal!

RJ said...

OUCH, I will Pray for you ,,,,
Lord, look upon Sarah with eyes of mercy, may your healing hand rest upon her eyes, may your lifegiving powers flow into every cell of her In Jesus Name Amen.

Sarah R said...

Thank you...I woke up this morning with my eyes feeling so much better! I'm still using the drops but the itching is almost gone. Thank you, my friend! Prayers mean everything...

RJ said...

I am glad they are not as ichy,I bet that is so annoying ,and hurts.
Keeping the prayers going :)


Kelly said...

Love the animal print! And ya know, every time you do a Merona dress...I head straight to the Target site to they are going to put up new things every few days or something lol.

Sarah R said...

Kelly, head thee to eBay. I hardly ever buy my dresses at the actual store. Since I know Merona for Target fits me like a glove, I pick them up for cheap, sometimes under $15 per dress.
And since I own so many, I don't overwear them, and they stay nice for quite a while.