Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 26 of June Dresses: Tropical Dress for a Tropical Storm

I've worn this dress only once before on my blog.  I don't particularly care for it.  I bought it thinking it would be a great beach cover up, except I forgot my swimsuit is not strapless and this dress is.  Until I get a strapless suit or a fetus, this dress needs to be hung up and forgotten about.  It does nothing for me.

My kids have their friends over, so I'm hiding in my bedroom.

I wore this dress all day with my Avenue navy blue cardi over it.  It is so very bare in the back, that even in front of my children, I felt exposed.

The dress is Faded Glory, size 2x, which is a Walmart brand.  I bought it at my local Goodwill for $4 back in 2011.

See what I mean about the back?

Being silly; added my straw fedora and my flowered scarf. 

Too much?

Hmmm it's not so bad without the hat.  I wish I knew how to wear scarves properly; I see fashion bloggers use scarves a lot, but I feel ridiculous.  I think it's because I live in such a hot subtropical climate, the idea of adding more layers just doesn't appeal to me.

And just because he's so darned cute:

Sometimes, a grown kitty cat must come out of the rain and take a nap.  In the kitchen.  (Pardon the lack of baseboards...we are working on the house and we do not use credit, so we buy stuff as we have the cash to do it.)


Anonymous said...

ha love your door stop
Girl you are rocking in that dress, Love it with the hat

Kelly said...

Love it with the scarf. I think a lightweight white shrug would be awesome with this dress.

On YouTube there's a video with 25 ways to wear a scarf. I linked it on my FB a while back. I think it's called how to wear a scarf...or something like that. Lots of cute styles.

Sarah R said...

Oooh, I do own a white short sleeved cardi! Good thinking, Kelly! Maybe I won't retire this dress after all.
I love the idea of a scarf; but having something clinging to my neck when it is over 100 outside makes my skin want to crawl. I think perhaps scarves may just be a northern thing I can't pull off here in the south.
And thank you again, RJ. I do love that silly hat!