Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 27 of June Dresses;I Finally Break Out the Kiyonna

Kiyonna is one of those brand names that I adore.  That I purchase.  That I stalk on eBay.  And when I finally own them, I seem not to wear them.  Why is that?  Perhaps because they cost so much, that I worry about ruining them?  Or that they seem so non-casual, that they don't fit into my very casual life?  That being said, I know the exact date I wore this outfit last: January 1, 2011.  I wore this to a wedding, with a black and white cardi.  This dress, to me, screams sex; although maybe I should have brushed my hair and put on a bit of make up before I took my pictures.

The material Kiyonna uses is so soft, it's like wearing pajamas.  Oh, and pardon my face.  I am TIRED.

Pretending to look at something on the floor...

Wow, you can see my bra right through this.  Shapewear needed!

Evil, yet beautiful shoes.  And that blue nail polish has got to go, I'm sick of looking at it!
As much as I love this dress, it is not a "sit in your office and code while watching Spongebob" dress, so I'm going to change into something besides a dress (you know...a skirt with a tank top and flip flops!), grab my coffee, and get cracking.  I worked late last night and so my workload is quite pleasant today.  Tonight, I have to work on my student loan paperwork; I'm trying to consolidate everything into one payment and start knocking that debt outta here.


Kelly said...

I love this dress! I think it's a sexy date night dress more than sit in your office and watch Spongebob dress lol....

LOVE the shoes!

Sarah R said...

I love this dress too; but I definitely don't want to wear it to church, and the hubs and I don't go to fancy places. Maybe we should start!

Kelly said...

I'd wear it to a favorite restaurant. So what if nobody else is that dressy?

I told Doug I want to get dressed up and go out to dinner. Like fancy dressed up.....he thinks there's nowhere to go so he has put off planning that date for....2 years :::rolleyes::: Really, my favorite local Italian place would be just fine...just don't want to sit at a high top at the bar where we usually sit lol.