Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 28 of June Dresses; I Bet You Know Who I'm Wearing!

Go ahead.  You know that I know that you know! (wha????)  It's Merona for Target, of course!  One of my favorites, too!  I can't believe it's been a month since I've worn this.  This dress makes me happy!

This is the kind of photography you get when you drag a 13 year old boy away from the xbox and ask them to take pictures of your dress.  Merona for Target, bought in 2010 I believe off eBay for under $20.  Has been a staple in my life since.  Target flats, too.  Bought in also 2010 (?) for $6.88.

Yes.  I am questioning his ability to even hold the camera properly.

He said, "Mom, if I take a picture of your butt, can I take a picture of the mole that Nutmeg killed?"  Which is why I'm cracking up.

I love the "v" in the back.  Subtle, not overly sexy, perfect.

Oh, and as promised:

Thanks for killing the mole, Nutmeg.  And leaving it right by the patio door, so people might accidentally step on it barefoot.  Yes...thank you.

Several things coming up:

1)I will be wearing a repeat this Saturday because I am helping a friend clean her house before she moves, so I won't be messing up a good dress.  So....I'll be doing my last June dress on July 1.

2)I think I'm gonna cut my hair anyway.  It's already driving me crazy.  I think I've found the perfect short hair for me, and I love this cut.  I think it suits me.

3)I only work two days next week!  Bucket is going to be 14!  My my my where has the time gone?!!?

4)Pink eye is completely cleared up.  Thank you for your prayers!

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RJ said...

lol poor mole, well one time my old cat I had killed one and put it on dinner table lol so be glad rofl