Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 29 of June Dresses; Wearing Green When I Have No Green

Man, the week in between paychecks sure is tough!  Neither Mr. R or I got paid this week and it will be tight until next Friday when we both get paid.  However, we are blessed in that he just finished  a run to Colorado and we should be able to catch up on every bill we have, and have extra!  Just in time for Bucket's 14th birthday on Thursday.  I can't believe my baby is going to be 14!

I wore green in honor of what I wish was Payday Friday.  Oh well, next Friday will be here soon enough.

What else?  Target for Merona dress, size 1 in plus sizes, bought off eBay in 2010 for a song.  JCPenney tank top, $10, bought in Dec 2011.  Target flower flats, $6.88 in 2010.  Flea market necklace, $2 in 2010.

And, I'm finally wearing eye make up again, although I still have not bought a mascara.  I'm headed off to church tonight to watch a movie about Ruth.  I personally cannot fathom the story of Ruth; if my hubby died, there is no way on earth I would shack up with my MIL.  

This is what I'd be doing if she said, "Sarah, why don't you stay with me?"

I don't think she'd want me, anyway.  I do ridiculous things like going to church and not watching soap operas all day.  My life bores her.  (any many others, actually.)

The back of this dress didn't photograph well, but I assure you, it's quite nice.  Bucket was standing behind me going, "Ma!  You're going out?  To church!  Ma!!!! We don't go to church on Fridays!"  I'm telling you, I do something slightly off the schedule, and his brain circuitry is not having it. 

I'm in a great mood.  It may not be payday, but I have a great church family, three pretty good kids (for teenagers), a loving husband, a lovely home.  I am one blessed woman indeed.

And I have you, my readers!  Thanks for sticking by me in this dress extravaganza.  Remember, tomorrow I'm wearing old crap because I'm helping a friend clean her house while she's moving, so no update for the 30th.  My 30th dress will be worn on Sunday.  I will also have a synopsis or what I wore, and show you the dresses I didn't wear...that's right, I do have over 30!  Thanks for sticking with me!

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Living the Creative Life said...

"If my hubby died, there is no way on earth I would shack up with my MIL."

Lol. I had never quite thought about this story in that way. You make a good point. ;P Although I should probably point out that in the Middle East, especially back in the day, it's not like she could just go out and get a job to support herself. It's likely she made that decision so she could continue to feed herself.