Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 30 of June Dresses; A Day Late, Always a Dollar Short

Yesterday was one of the most awful days I think I've ever spent.  I realize I haven't moved in 11 years since buying my house, but I do remember being a whole lot more organized about the situation.  My friend had gotten most of the furniture and clothing over to the new house, but she had not packed up her kitchen at all.  I also discovered the hard way that she has a serious roach problem.  I reached under the sink to grab stuff to put into boxes, and I had roaches running up my arms, and I even had some in my hair.  It was *shudder* quite disgusting and I showered twice yesterday after the move.  And I kinda want to get back in there.  In fact, I'm sure I'll be in the shower tonight because I am having major dry scalp issues, and I need to do an olive oil rinse for my hair.

I tried to take pictures on my back patio, but the sun was relentless.  Buck the cat says hello.

Standing by my front door instead.  This is my one and only Maggy London dress.  Size 18 or 20, can't remember.  I love the ruching on the waistband.  I'm not wearing any shapewear at all and I feel pretty awesome in this.  Also wearing the silver cross my mom bought me for Christmas, but it's probably too small to see in this picture.
Bucket had a really rough weekend.  His physician went on vacation and didn't send in his prescription, so he hasn't had it in a week.  I finally got them to order it, but I have a feeling we won't have it for at least another week.  Therefore, he hasn't slept in three days.  Poor kid fell asleep with his head in my lap at church, like he was a toddler.  Getting him up and into the car was a nightmare, but we drove home and I immediately stuck him in my bed so he could have some peace and quiet.  He's already out cold, and I bet he will sleep until tomorrow.  I was supposed to go to a Faith Rally this evening and now I'm not sure if I'm going to go.  When he hasn't slept, he sometimes has seizures.  I mean, the fact that he's sleeping pretty much means that we've escaped the possibility of seizures, but my mama's heart doesn't want to leave my baby.  I'm sure you all know what I mean...

My Bongo wedges which I nabbed at KMart for under $10 this year.  Finally took that blue nail polish off, but didn't get to put anymore on. 

As pretty as this is, I really need more color.  What color(s) would you pair with this?  Red seems obvious to me. 

Time to get the back of my hair reshaped!

Do these swirls make my butt look big?
So there you have it!  30 dresses, although it did take me 31 days thanks to helping my friend move yesterday.  I've learned a lot in these past 30 days!

1) There is no such thing as too many dresses.
2)  I would like some more.
3)  I need to experiment with belts, scarves, jewelery.
4)  Pink eye sucks.
5)  I spend a lot of time barefoot.
6)  I could use a new skin care and make up routine.
7)  I own dresses in every color except orange, yellow and white.
8)  It's time for me to grow up and invest in some shapewear.
9)  I have over 10 dresses I didn't wear because I either needed shapewear, or the dress was damaged, or it was long sleeves and would have killed me, heat wise.
10) Dresses are a great choice for so many occasions!  Casual, career, formal, beach, , courtroom, church...while I may have missed on accessorizing, I either met or exceeded the expectations required of me no matter where I was or what I was doing.  If you are not a dress person, I highly suggest giving them a chance!


Kelly said...

I adore this dress!! It is absolutely perfect for you!

I love shapewear. I wear way more now than before I lost weight...crazy huh? My body has been very unforgiving of the 40% of it that is gone....

Your hair is looking awesome!

Sarah R said...

I do think I'm going to take a trip to Lane Bryant and find something that works for me.
I am still loving my hair! :D
I can imagine that with that much weight loss, your body is probably wondering what in the heck happened! LOL!

Cheriz Angel said...

30 days of dresses seems kind of like a fun challenge to do. I don't know if I would actually be able to hold up for a whole 30 days though!

Sarah R said...

I loved doing it! It helps if you have over 30 dresses; I've seen one challenge where a woman wore the same black dress for 365 days and kept mixing it up with accessoies and stuff. I am pretty sure I couldn't do that one!

Living the Creative Life said...

You know, I've moved more times than I can remember (more than 20 times), and it always cracks me up to watch someone preparing to move who actually hasn't done it very much. One of my old roommates literally waited until the night before to start packing and was shocked to find out how much work it was (I believe that was going to be only the 2nd move in her life). I am probably overly organized when it comes to moving, and I also start months in advance, but only because I know how much stinkin' work it is! Lol.