Friday, January 27, 2012

This Chapped My Hide

I think today is the kind of day where I walk around perching my fingers above my eyes with that squinty look...mostly because I seem to keep running into people who are purposely trying to annoy me! 

1)  Doctor office calls me because they want to order a test, but they don't know what the cpt code is for the test.  And it wasn't even a fancy test that you don't order a lot of; it was an ordinary test that you could see many, many times per week.  I asked the girl who called me if they have a cpt code book, a superbill, or even a cheat sheet that they can keep a regular list of codes handy, and she said curtly, "I don't need it."  Well, clearly, YA DO, because you shouldn't be calling me to do YOUR JOB.  Ya dig?

2)  I had to drive all the way to hubby's work in Sorrento to pick up his check, even though we pay an administration fee of $52 a week and somehow they can't figure out how to deposit his check electronically, so I had to drive to get it because our bank is not open on weekends.  So, instead of taking lunch, I drove 45 minutes in the rain to get his check.  I waited in front of the receptionist and she was on the phone, so I stood there quietly until she finished.  Mid-sentence, she looked up at me and raised her eyebrow, so I assumed she wanted to know why I was there; so I whispered, "I'm here to get his check" and she YELLED AT ME!  "Ma'am, I am on the phone with someone and you will have to wait your turn!"  Let me tell you; if I had been anywhere except where my husband happens to work, I can assure you I would have walked out of that office with that lady's head in my purse.  I bit my tongue and laughed inside when the person she was on the phone with hung up on her (probably because she yelled in his ear!).  Then she asked me for my husband's name (he's worked there for 7 years, she still doesn't remember me, whatever!) and then she handed me the wrong check.  I handed it back and said, "This isn't his."  She then yelled at me again, "YOU SAID JAMES XXXXXX"  and finally I said in my very loud New York-accented ticked off voice "I think I know what my husband's name is!"  Then she realized that she grabbed the wrong one, and then sees my husband's check and says, "What street do you live on?"  I tell her, and she hands me the correct check. 

3)  Package deals.  Let me explain.  I get the paper on weekends.  However, I only want the Sunday paper.  Did you know that it's cheaper for me to get the paper on two days, than one day?  I feel so bad for the Saturday paper.  I never read it.  It goes straight into recycling.  Why is is cheaper to get two days of paper than just one?  The same for cable/internet service.  Do you know how hard it is to find just internet service?  Maybe I don't want cable!  Maybe I just want to surf the net!  What is so wrong with that?

Pffft.  Pictures will be back soon.  I just needed to vent.


Jill said...

$52 dollars a week for administration fees? That's crazy!

Sarah R said...

I think so too, especially since this is the second week in a row one of us has had to drive to Sorrento to get his check. They deduct it automatically, but I said if it happens again, I'll be calling admin to complain and ask for a refund. It is ridiculous!

Living the Creative Life said...

Lol - this reminds me of one time when I went to Vital Records to get a copy of my birth certificate. I filled out the application, paid my fee, then waited in line. When they finally called my name, the lady at the counter handed me someone else's certificate! I glanced at it and saw it was a similar name, so I can understand the confusion, but when I handed it back and said, "Oh wait, this isn't me", she was like, "Are you sure? What was your maiden name?" I felt like saying, "Come on lady! I know my own name!" Lol.