Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ego Boost

This morning, as I sipped my coffee and went over my schedule, I received an instant message from a former coworker in my department, who has moved onto greener pastures, as they say.  She asked me if I knew anyone who would be interested in an auth position in her department.  Of course I do!  Unfortunately, they wanted someone to drive to Orlando every day, and not work from home.  I had to decline, but it's nice to be thought of so well.  I told her that if they would let me work from home three days a week, I'd drive to Orlando for the other two days.  Michelle (my former coworker) said she'd ask the manager (who I happen to know very well, and she has met all my kids so she knows the autism issue is real and not something I'm making up) if they'd be willing to do that.  Who knows? 

Also:  my camera is ready!  I can pick it up Saturday.  Woo hoo!!!

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Jennifer M. said...

Ooh!! That sounds like it would be the perfect job situation for you! Hopefully it works out. :D