Sunday, January 22, 2012


You guys, I am so lost without my camera.  I finally found some skirts!  I was at WalMart with the hubs and Bucket and while they were in the guy area (fishing, guns, and bait, yummmm) I meandered over the clothing area.  I am not a snob and will totally wear WalMart clothes, but lately, their plus size offerings have consisted of mom jeans and poorly cut tees.  So nooo thank you.  But I found...SKIRTS!  ON SALE YO.  And I have no pictures but I assure you, they are kind of cute.  They are midi length, patterned skirts, with a slip built in.   And guys...$11 each!  I wore one today to church and was able to crawl on the ground in the  kindergarten room without flashing anyone; and that, my friends, is the definition of a good day.  It is a size 16 (I normally wear a 18/20) but it does have an elastic waist.  It also has a black stretchy panel around the top (sort of looks like a belt, but it's not maternity, I did check!)  so I'm thinking I may be able to use it as maternity wear, should that ever happen.  Until then, my top covered it.  The one I wore today is white, purple, aqua, and navy geometric shapes.  I wore it with an aqua wrap top and a white tank.  Don't worry, I was so pleased with my look that I am certain I'll be duplicating the look eventually.

The two other skirts are a brown and tan floral, and another geometric pattern, this time with red, olive green and brown as the colors.  I can really see myself wearing these EVERY.SINGLE.DAY in the summer with one of my many tanks and a pair of flip flops.  In fact, I may go back and grab two more; there were other colors but I only had $40 on me and so I stuck with the three I liked best. 

I just spent 30 minutes going on the WalMart website, plus online to find the skirts, and it's like they don't exist!  Don't worry, someday you will see them.  Mr. R thought they were cute, modest and pretty.  They will definitely be a summer staple.

And thank you for the prayers on Friday.  When I finally clocked out on Friday, I was in tears and nearly knocked my chair over just to get away from that desk.  I am not excited about tomorrow, but I will do my best to make sure my patients' accounts are squared away properly.  I may not like my job, but these patients deserve accountability and I am nothing if not professional.  Besides; it's only 5 days to the weekend!


Melissa Lewis said...

Walmart is where I usually get my clothes from

Jennifer M. said...

I love that you described your outfit in detail b/c we can't see it. ;P

Nothing wrong with Walmart clothes! I usually don't find much I like there, but I have been known to shop there. My other favorites is Kohl's. They usually have pretty good sales, and their clothes tend to be constructed a little better so last longer.