Sunday, August 7, 2011

Not In The Mood

I got up and dressed for church today, but the kids were fighting and you can see the anger and frustration in my face.  Then I got to church, and it just got weirder and weirder.  Bucket got sick; not sure if it was a seizure because by the time I got to him, he had thrown up in a wastebasket and was practically asleep.  Found out that the middle school teacher is probably being replaced, which makes me sad because I like him quite a bit.  Found out the high school pastor is leaving our church, and starting his own church.  It is a bummer for our high school kids, but a blessing to wherever he will go.  And then I was asked to be a full time administrator in the autism program, instead of the part time work I've already been doing.  This means that I'd never attend a Sunday school class myself again, because I'd be in teaching and admin mode on Sundays mornings.  However, I fully endorse the Two by Two program, and I know it made a huge difference for Bucket.  So I agreed to it, without even thinking or praying about it.  When it's right, it's right.  In fact, you can come to the Two by Two page on facebook and "like" it to find out more!  Here's the link if you're interested:

Anyway, I ended up leaving before the actual church service even started.  (All this information happened during the Sunday school time, which is 9:30-11 am!) Bucket needed to get home, and I was overwhelmed with information overload.  So these are terrible, unhappy pictures of myself, and that was before I got all the crazy news.

Don't ever get a tattoo on your boob when you're 18.   You will regret it at age 36. 

Tired, angry and ready for bed again; at 8:45am.

Hair is looking good though!  Pray for me not to cut it.  I am so frustrated with it right now.  It is at that weird stage when it's too short to pull back, but long enough to be in my way.  This is always when I start dreaming about very short pixie cuts.

My mom made me these earrings, aren't they cute?  So I'm wearing the navy blue dress I bought from Ross, with my purple American Eagle shoes from Payless, a purple Walmart tank, and these blue and purple earrings.  Blue and purple = burple = new favorite color combo!

I gave myself a pedi, and then didn't wear open toed shoes.  How silly of me.

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Kathy said...

Seems you truly have your cup full! Hope all goes better this week,