Saturday, August 6, 2011

Keeping My Promise

Our family tradition is that the Birthday Person gets to choose the restaurant and invite a friend.  Missy, of course, chose her boyfriend to come to the Daytona Beach WingHouse.  Then we took a walk on the beach.  Honestly, she is so much like me; that is pretty much my idea of a great day, too!

Missy's boyfriend doesn't like having his picture taken.  He should have thought of this before choosing to date my daughter. 

Tiger is waiting on his Mountain Dew and wings.

Mr. R: "Quit acting like a baby and look at your mom while she's taking pictures!"


Ok, I caught him when he wasn't paying attention to me.  Missy is delighted at my deception.

The WingHouse girls sang Happy Birthday to Missy, made her wear a chicken beak and flap her wings like a chicken. 

"Happy Birthday to you!"

Flapping like a chicken!
After our dinner, we walked down to Daytona Beach.  I grew up mostly in the Orlando area, and Daytona Beach was always "the beach" to go to, but I hadn't been in the downtown area in years.  And it has really grown up!

I think they have concerts or movies here?

I love this area!

I've never been to this movie theater.

Awww, my kiddos!

Missy:  "Will you two stop arguing with each other?"  Tiger (in hat): "Tell Bucket to stop standing up on his toes to look taller than me!"  Bucket: "I'll be taller eventually, so get over it!"

Brothers who could use a break from each other.

Missy and her boyfriend.

Texting on the beach.

Some day, when I have tons of money at my disposal, I want a beach condo.

Rides at the beach.

Flip flops in the sand.

Daytona Beach pier.

The guys on the beach, waiting for Missy and I to quit playing in the water.

My stunningly beautiful 16 year old daughter!

UGGGG!  Quit leaving cigarette butts on the beach!  There are ashtrays all over the place, there's no need for this crap!

My flip flops, instead of Missy's.  But her foot.

You will not catch me on that thing.

We had fun on Missy's birthday, at Daytona Beach!


Jill said...

Are those winghouse girls wearing pants?

Sarah R said...

Jill: NO. They wear teeny tiny black shorts and wear pantyhose underneath them. They barely cover the buttcheeks. If the wings were not so darned good, I wouldn't go. But I can't get over how delish the wings are. I'm a wing freak, what can I say?

Kelly said...

I wondered the same thing about the waitresses and their pants. In that picture it looks like lace panties.

Looks like a fabulously fun day!

SRS said...

looks like a fun time! thanks a lot for commenting on my blog :) daytona beach looks beautiful!

Sarah R said...

Thanks, SRS! Us Sarah Roses, we gotta stick together. ;)
Kelly, I hate how short the outfits are at the WingHouse. Only thing I hate about the place. I would not want my daughter to work there.