Friday, August 12, 2011


Since I've become an adult, I've been involved in three major car accidents.  And each time, my mom and stepdad came to my rescue; either by taking care of the kids, or cleaning my house, or driving me to go grocery shopping or the bank.  I've always been grateful.

Today, I was unfortunately able to return the favor.  My parents were in a pretty bad wreck; my mom injured, my stepdad not.  I drove Mom home (she refused to go to the emergency room, but I bet she will change her mind tomorrow when the adrenaline runs out), then stayed with George (my stepdad) until FHP finished all the paperwork and his poor old truck was towed away. Then I drove him home too, where I checked my mom again to look for bruising and to make her take an advil.

It's so easy to let your parents take care of you, but it was so odd to take care of them.  My mom hugged me.  George did too, although more awkwardly.  I think he could tell the scales just tipped in a new way.  I wasn't depending on them; I was helping them.

Have you ever been able to help your parents out in a new way?  Tell me about it!

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