Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome To My Jungle, I Have Fun And Games

My room was DIRTY.  Now I feel bad for yelling at my kids to clean their room, because mine was atrocious.  It is not a big room...I think 12 x 15.  We have a queen size bed with a full headboard and footboard, one nightstand, a file cabinet which Mr. R uses at his nightstand, a dresser and a bookcase.  I try to store as much as possible under the bed.  Right now, I have all my gift wrap, an old computer, and most of our taxes under there.  Anyway, this is what it looked like before I started cleaning.  I literally did not put anything away before I started snapping pics.  There's a bag of chips and some folded underwear on the bed.  Keeping it real, keeping it real.
Mr. R picked the color for our walls.  It's not quite Florida, but forest green really is one of my favorite colors.  I think we could use some crown molding up at the top.  It looks bare. 

This was where the wood pile was.  It was stacked about midway up the window.  Yes, that means the window hasn't been cleaned in years.  I know, I know.  Bad Sarah.

The water bottle holds spare change.  Extra computer monitor, taxes, fabric, pictures in white laundry basket, cowboy hat, extra CPU, extra quilt.  Yes, our room became storage.

I made this!  It's my earring holder.  It is an embroidery ring ($1.79) plus remnant white fabric.  I suppose you could use any color fabric you wanted, but I wanted it to look like art on my dark wall, so I went with white.  And as you can see, I'm missing one of my circular earrings...I'm gonna go hunt for it.

My honey really can be quite romantic.  He hung up the candle sconces.  I do love some candlelight, but we haven't lit those things in years.  I found spiders living in one of them.  ~shudder~

This was not an easy clean.  I went through the baskets first.  Kept a few pictures out to hang out, and put a few in a specific under bed storage box.  Taxes stuffed under the bed.  CPU wrapped in an old blanket and shoved under the bed.  Monitor was too tall to go under the bed, so it's in the closet.  Fabric went into the living room...Mr. R is not going to be happy but I hope I can find somewhere to put it.  Maybe in attic, don't know yet.  Ok, let's continue!

You can see that we're readers.  And that is the infamous bathroom where I took a shower with the scorpion.

Closet and dresser.

Each kid has a memory box.  They need to go up into the attic.

Mr. R's new toy; the UFC work out on a door thing.  Of course, he puts it on the door, and then leaves...this is really no good to him until he comes off the road. 
This is Mr. R's nightstand.  Yes, a filing cabinet.  And again, yes...instead of normal nightstand stuff, it has a UFC poster, a bottle of mojo, and my necklaces on the lamp.  We're classy that way.

We are readers!

Someone took a band-aid, left it on the bookcase, and then it fell.  Guess Mommy has to clean it up.

I think this picture sums up our relationship perfectly.  He has a crossbow, I have shoes.

Solution to bracelet storage:  I have a  jewelry box which I can't find right now.  However, I also have these cute little baskets with tropical logos on them.  I've had them at least 9 years.

Into the basket, bracelets!  Yes, that's all I have right now.  I'm working on it.

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Jennifer M. said...

Ha! This looks like my room most of the time. I'm glad I'm not the only one. ;)