Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Outfit That Nearly Got Away

This is what I had planned to wear the day I woke up with my nasty eye infection.  Another Merona for Target dress, I think I own this exact style dress in three colors; this print, emerald green and hot pink.  A tank or cami is a necessity due to the low front.  Today, I chose a black cami, to match my new black shoes and my black nail polish.  I also did my hair differently today; it has been raining (finally!) and I am Miss Frizz right now.  So I slicked it back and stuck it in a ponytail. 
My answer to all wardrobe dilemmas: 1) dress with a gathered waist line.  2) cami to protect the girls.  3) cute shoes.  4) a cardi, but not if it's over 100 degrees.  5) accessories to pop.

Is the back too low for church?  No one said anything to me, but now I'm wondering.  Another reason I love this dress: straps wide enough for a decent bra. 

It was windy outside!  Really glad we're finally getting some rain. 

Despite the 60% chance of rain, and the cloudy skies, it is still very bright outside, and I am again squinting.

New Target flats!  $13.98 on sale!  They are the same exact shape as the black flower ones I bought last week.  And seriously...thinking about going back to buy the yellow ones, and the turquoise ones.  I'm not sure what in the world I'd wear yellow shoes with; it's not exactly my color.  But for $10, maybe I should figure it out, hmmmm?

Next post will be the project I'm taking on today: rearranging my bedroom!  I think with most married couples, our bedroom became storage.  In our room, we had a pile of extra wood flooring stored for...get this...four years.  Four years of a woodpile in our room.  We finally sold the extra flooring this week, which is great timing because of our vacation coming up.  However, now I have an empty corner in our bedroom.  I am taking this chance to move everything around, dust, deep clean the floors, and try a new arrangement.  We've had the bed in the center of the room the entire ten years we've lived in there.  I hope Mr. R likes it; he has weird sleeping issues where he can't face certain walls and weird stuff like that.  Well, the good thing about rearranging is that if he doesn't like it, we can change it back.  Nothing is nailed on the floor so we're good to go.  I'm going to take a few before shots, get some lunch, find some music, and change out of my lovely dress into some sweats.  Here's to creating lovely space within our homes!


Jennifer M. said...

Yeah! I love rearranging my room. You should take before and after pictures. I'd love to see how it turns out! :)

Sarah R said...

Jen...I am taking pics as I go! It ended up being A TON more work than I anticipated. I started at about 2pm and here it is now 5:39pm and I am not done. But the kids kept yelling about how they're "hungry" and "starving" and "Mom you're sooooo mean to keep ignoring us, we're wasting away here!" so I stopped to preheat the oven and grill some burgers on the foreman. I may not be able to take pics until tomorrow because I don't have much sunlight left here.

Kelly said...

OK those are some seriously cute shoes. I need to go to target!!!

I don't think it was too low in the back for church. Very cute dress and I love the print!