Saturday, June 25, 2011

Guess Who I Took A Shower With This Morning?

I kept thinking to myself, "Self, what is that smudge on the wall near the ceiling?"  So since I don't shower with my glasses on, I seriously thought it was mold.  Mold, not too uncommon in Florida in summer.  Then I noticed the mold was moving.  Mold generally doesn't attack in the shower.  So I finished up, got out, wrapped my hair in a towel, wrapped my body in a towel, put on my glasses, focused...and SCREAMED.

While I was waiting on Tiger to grab the bug spray and a large shoe, instead of getting dressed, I grabbed my camera.  Can you believe the entire time, I was thinking, "I must take pictures for my blog!"  My life is boring and lame.  Except for my water excursions with the scorpions.


Jennifer M. said...

Oh my gosh!! I would be so freaked out!

Jill said...

And that is one of the reasons I would be afraid to live in Florida.

Sarah R said...

It's the little things that scare me; gators do not. They're big and you can hear them hissing. But snakes and scorpions? Ai yi yi.