Friday, June 24, 2011


I finally, finally, FINALLY, found out today that I did it!  I passed the national exam for coders!  I am officially Sarah R, CCA! (certified coding associate.)  Plus, I got my diploma in the mail today too.  What a great day!  Still have not heard back from bio dad, even though I sent him a long email, telling him how to log onto facebook so he can see pictures of his grandchildren, telling him I forgive him...and nothing.  Ball dropped.  But he DID take the time to email my mother.  Dude, you left her with a newborn baby 36 years ago so you start a family with someone else.  I'm really certain she's over you, ok?  Please continue to move on with your life.  Thank you.

I'm sure I'll be taking pictures over the weekend. a new dress.  I know, I know!  I promised I wouldn't buy any more.  But in my weak sad pathetic defense, I am attending a Bar Mitzvah in about a week and had nothing to wear to it.  And I got a very good deal!  A raspberry colored Igigi dress for under $25.  It is FABULOUS.  I'm going to get it dry cleaned and finally buy some shapewear and I'm very much looking forward to it.  I've never been to a Bar Mitzvah before!

Plus, would like to tell you, that we're going away on vacation for a short while in mid July.  Nothing fancy, just a trip to Tampa.  Got a great deal on hotel, Busch Garden tickets, and Adventure Island.  I will not be blogging or facebooking during that time, as far as I know.  But be prepared for picture overload when I return!  Also considering...sigh...going to Target and buying those awful cargo shorts that I despise.  You see, we're going to a theme park in July.  The temperatures here this week have been 97, with a heat index of 104, 105.  Brutally, disgustingly hot.  If I wear jeans, I will literally bake to death like a large Sarah burrito.  If I wear a dress or skirt, I'm going to get a major case of chub rub.  So nasty cargo shorts it is.  I will be wearing them to garden afterwards.  I'm going to look like a complete tourist; shorts, sneakers with socks, and a camera.  Oh, and probably a sunburn.

Plus, I have a small project I'll be sharing with you.  I'm going to be cleaning, organizing and rearranging my bedroom!  I'll be taking before and after shots to share.  Lots of exciting stuff here!


Taylor said...

Ugh, your dad... it just hits home with me because my oldest son's bio dad has nothing to do with him, has actually never even SEEN him and sort of denies his existence. He is a loser.

Congrats on your CCA!!!! (Yes, four exclamation points.) Can't wait to see the new dress AND I hope you have a fabulous amazing time on your trip. Try not to melt.

Bobbie said...

If you prefer dresses, have you tried wearing bike type shorts under them to minimize chafing?

Sarah R said...

Taylor: yes, mine has denied my existence also, even though I'm named after his DEAD MOTHER. (it's the Jewish tradition.) I'm sure if she were alive, she'd slap him senseless.
Bobbie: I hear what you're saying, and I may end up with that route. I went to Target today and couldn't find cargo shorts in my size that weren't black. I don't want to die of heat exhaustion. I was trying to find khaki or olive. I'm worried about too many layers...but I may end up there. Thanks for the reminder!

D'Rae said...

Congrats on passing!!!!!!!!!!

When we wet to Disney in August a few years ago, I wore skirts the whole time. But, I also wore bike shorts under them to help with the chub rub. And let me tell you, it did work.

And it was HOT!!!!!

My daily uniform down there was a tank, a light T, a skirt and bike shorts. But I was comfortable the whole time.

Sarah R said...

D'Rae: where did you get your bike shorts? Remember I'm about two sizes larger than you. Also; what shoes did you wear? I really despise wearing sneaks with dresses or skirts.

D'Rae said...

I got them at walmart. The Danskin brand. I think they come in an XL and an XXL. They are in black or gray and I got the gray ones.

As for shoes, I just wear flats. I wore those pretty flat crocs that looked like regular flats, (Not the gardening clog looking ones) I also wore flat sneakers. Kinda like these.

Sarah R said...

D'Rae! You should do a quick post on theme park fashion! I may look for those Crocs...I can't wear just flat tennis shoes, being a diabetic. I have to be really careful. But I've heard Crocs are really good for those of us with foot issues. Thanks for so much good advice!

D'Rae said...

The crocs I got were close to these,,default,pd.html?cid=159&cgid=women-footwear

But they had a closed heel and were light pink.