Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Come Home To THIS!

Mr. R was not home when I decided to do all of this.  I took care of selling the wood, then boxing everything up, moving furniture, washing clothes, and moving stuff to storage.  Phew, I was POOPED!  It took me, embarrassingly, 8 hours to clean my room.  In my defense, this includes laundry, moving furniture, mopping, sweeping, dusting and stopping to make dinner.  But still.  I should be ashamed.  And I still didn't clean the was raining the entire time and I was not about to go outside in the rain to wash windows.

Bed under the window, instead of the middle of the floor.  What do you think?  Symmetry is off, but I like it!

Great view of the bathroom...and my closet!  Unfortunately, I couldn't fit Mr. R's "nightstand" on his side of the bed.  I don't think this is going to go over well.  He likes his drink next to him at all times.

And you can see how long it took me to do all the's dark now!

Ahhh...comfy bed!  Can't wait for my husband to come home!


Jennifer M. said...

It looks very cozy! I wonder if there would be enough room to pull it to the left far enough to squeeze in Mr. R's bedtable?

Sarah R said...

He already moved the bed back, Jen. Another thing I forgot...cannot feel the fan in that back corner. Poor hubby sweat to death first night home. Oh well...such is life.