Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blog Break

Hello peeps.  My laptop is doing weird things, and I need to have it repaired.  Again.  I don't like using my work computer for blogging, so it looks like I'll be on short bloggy vacation.  Don't worry, I'll be back as soon as possible!



Kelly said...

Hope you are able to have it fixed soon :)

My power cord died for my laptop. Went to Best Buy to make sure that is what it was, then came home and ordered one from Amazon for $17. Doug was all set to buy one for $70!!! for me so I didn't have to wait. sweet babe....but let's save that $50 and I'll wait a few days (although pay for priority shipping LOL).

So I'm using a dinosaur of a computer that is slower than my gramma. It's painful.

Jennifer M. said...

We'll miss you! Sometimes a blog break is nice though - even if it wasn't your choice.

sahaana said...'ll be missed !
P.S - Got the gift card. Thanks so much, and btw its not a silly blog :-P - that is why I am following it! Its unpretentious, honest & open!

See ya soon !!