Saturday, May 28, 2011

Not Buying Any More Clothes

Ok, I'm lying.  LOL.  But more serious pieces of clothing unless I get a job interview, in which case I'll be running frantically to find a suit.

One, mostly because I really have enough clothes for my life right now.  As a person who works from home, I just don't need a ton of clothes.  I see the same people every week...(my kids, the dog, my mailman, all my kids' friends, the cashiers at Publix, the front desk lady at our local middle school) and just don't see the point of buying more clothes for this portion of my life right now.

It's also partially because I had a doctor appointment last Friday.  Wow.  I mean, I am in crappy shape.  My weight actually didn't go up as much as I'd thought, but my blood pressure is atrocious.  They may have to increase my medication, and I'm on THREE medications to control my blood pressure already!  Plus, when Mr. R was home, we went for a walk around the block and he had to keep stopping to let me catch up.  And I was huffing and puffing like a ticked off dragon.

I already worked out my new schedule, and as long as the hospital approves it (I'm sure they will, they're not actually very picky about the hours we work, as long as it's not before 6am, and not after 6pm, they're pretty cool) I will be starting this new schedule on Tuesday, May 31st.  Only because there is no work on Monday.  I'll be getting up at 6am, which is typical for me so it won't feel like torture.  I'll be doing my blood sugar, medications, and getting my breakfast.  At 6:30, I'll be going out for my walk/run and come back between 7 and 7:15 (gotta get that stamina up!) and then have coffee and Bible time from 7:30 to 8.  Clock in at 8am.  Work from 8 to 12.  In my head, I'd like to get in another walk at noon, but it is so hot by then that I may have to find some type of indoor activity.  Clock back in at 1, clock out at 5.  Ta-da.  Not fancy, but hopefully I can stick with this during the summer and create a good habit once the kids start back at school in August.

So while I was out and about today, I went to Target.  I went to the one in Sanford this time instead of Orange City, and was hoping to find their plus size selection was better.  And it was NOT.  I used to really love Target for their plus selection.  Unfortunately, all they had was cargo shorts, tee shirts, and tank tops.  I did buy a striped red white and blue tank, but it was not from the plus section, it was an xxl in the straight sizes.  I was surprised that all the cardis were still at full price, $27.99.  I'll be waiting until they go on clearance.  I had an idea of what I was trying to find; either a black or denim skirt.  Nothing fancy.  Just something to wear with all the tanks I have, to get me through the summer without constantly wearing a dress.  I didn't think it would be so hard to find.  I went to Avenue, and while they had lots on sale (I could have seriously gone shopping!) the only black skirt they had was a size 14/16.  Oh, and I tried to jam my butt into it, but it was not happening.  I did end up buying two skirts, one in hot pink, one in an odd baby blue/lavender (periwinkle?) color.  But not what I really wanted.  I guess I'll have to hunt on eBay.  They had TONS of cute shoes at Target, and I easily could have bought about six pairs, but I stopped myself.  They had the yellow flats I keep hearing everyone talk about, and in my size too!  But I resisted.

So until I get myself into a size 14, I think I'm going to stop buying clothes for a bit.  I guess, if the need to shop arises, that I will stick with accessories and shoes.  Hopefully I can put my clothes up for sale, or use them for maternity in another year or two.


Jill said...

Darn Target! I actually refuse to shop for clothing at target. The sizes are not consistent and the selection in the plus size is insulting. There are so many other clothing stores that want my business that I see no reason to hurt my feelings by trying on clothes at Target! I like your work schedule, sounds nice.

Sarah R said...

The work schedule is nice, I admit. It has really worked well for our family in the past.
I agree on the Target thing; I've not been happy the past 5-10 times I've looked through the racks there. Yet, I've had such great success in the past that I keep wanting to give them another shot!