Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting Through My List

In case any of you guys forgot my list (of course you wouldn't!) I am reposting it so I can see how much I've done so far:
  • Bible reading every morning  Ok, I forgot this morning.
  • Church on Sunday morning
  • Clean that nasty oven!  Just sprayed it, letting it soak in.
  • So I can bake cookies and make a waffle batter (I have canned pumpkin I'm dying to use)  I've got it all ready, just waiting on Bucket to unload dishwasher so I can set the kitchen up.
  • Go to Sanford famer's market on Saturday morning to meet an old friend!  Done, had fun!  See pictures below!
  • A full beauty night; do an oil treatment for my hair, facial, mani/pedi  Did this last night, feel great!
  • Do a bit of scrapbooking, maybe on one of the rainy days predicted (please let there be some rain...we are under fire warnings for drought!)  We finally got rain last night, but I was out driving in it, of course.
  • Clean and organize my office, including a ton of shredding
  • Program the new office phone that Mr. R bought me two weeks ago.
  • Mr. R bought me this device which holds music and is a little tv...I have no idea what it's called, but he bought it for me while I was taking the four classes at once, plus studying for the coding exam.  I haven't even looked at it!  Maybe I'll let Missy download some music on it for me.
  • Create meal and exercise plan for the summer, to kickstart my metabolism and get me started back on some good habits
  • Sweep and mop the entire house.  (Missy might be doing this to earn money to go to the movies.)  Missy did it.
  • Mow front and back yards. (Tiger might be doing this to earn money, also.)  I'm still waiting on Tiger
  • I need to find this organizer thing I've seen, but I don't know what it's called: it's a device you install on a wall and it holds brooms, dustpans, mops...does anyone know what I'm talking about?  I need to put one in my laundry room because I AM SICK TO DEATH of not knowing where the broom is!  I found one I like, but it was nearly $50.  Think I'll run to Ace and see if they have one there that I don't need to have shipped.

I don't think my china cabinet makes too many appearances.  It needs to be dusted.  And that is Mr. R's drum kit in the other half of my dining room.  And a piece of baseboard propped up on the cabinet.  We like to keep it classy around here.

My gray hair is back with a vengeance.  Not sure how I feel about the blonde anymore.  I'm just a brunette, my identity is wrapped up in it.  I think I want my chocolate brown hair back.

My double chin and I, going to the Farmer's Market!

Cute name for a bar.

Downtown Sanford is so pretty.  I love the brick streets.

I ain't no HOLLERBACH, girl.  (German restaurant!)

I love old quaint buildings like this!

It was so hot that I wanted to jump right into that fountain.

Town Square clock. 

This is my former boss, Mike, and PIGLETS!!!  They were sooooo cute.  And noisy, my goodness!

They were hungry and trying to suckle.

This little one ate like he'd been starved for a lifetime.

If I had a pet pig, I'd give it a weird name.  Like Ham.  Or Chop.  Oh, I do love being punny if I possible can.  What would you name a pet pig?

Back in the cooler you go, Bacon.

Live entertainment!  He was singing Jimmy Buffet...and the weather was perfect for it.  102 degrees, hot, humid, and nasty.  Yes, PLEASE take me away to Margaritaville.  Before 5 O'clock, if possible.  And I'll take that margarita with a cheeseburger in paradise, thanks.


Jennifer M. said...

Cute little piglets! If I had one I'd name him Wilbur (from Charlotte's Web). ;)

Anonymous said...

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