Thursday, May 26, 2011

Plans, Glorious Plans!

I love me some vacation time, but I don't have any of that coming until mid-July.  Instead, I am practically SALIVATING over the fact that I have a three day weekend coming up!  Unlike most people who probably live up north, I am not celebrating the return of summer.  It's been 100 degrees + for over a month and frankly, I'd like some autumn, which I won't get anyway.  I also won't be going to the beach, or the lake, or the springs this weekend.  Good luck finding any parking and everyone is drunk; NO THANK YOU.  While on hold yesterday, I made a list of what I'd like to do this weekend.  Good luck to me getting even half of it done!
  • Bible reading every morning
  • Church on Sunday morning
  • Clean that nasty oven!
  • So I can bake cookies and make a waffle batter (I have canned pumpkin I'm dying to use)
  • Go to Sanford famer's market on Saturday morning to meet an old friend!
  • A full beauty night; do an oil treatment for my hair, facial, mani/pedi
  • Do a bit of scrapbooking, maybe on one of the rainy days predicted (please let there be some rain...we are under fire warnings for drought!)
  • Clean and organize my office, including a ton of shredding
  • Program the new office phone that Mr. R bought me two weeks ago.
  • Mr. R bought me this device which holds music and is a little tv...I have no idea what it's called, but he bought it for me while I was taking the four classes at once, plus studying for the coding exam.  I haven't even looked at it!  Maybe I'll let Missy download some music on it for me.
  • Create meal and exercise plan for the summer, to kickstart my metabolism and get me started back on some good habits
  • Sweep and mop the entire house.  (Missy might be doing this to earn money to go to the movies.)
  • Mow front and back yards. (Tiger might be doing this to earn money, also.)
  • I need to find this organizer thing I've seen, but I don't know what it's called: it's a device you install on a wall and it holds brooms, dustpans, mops...does anyone know what I'm talking about?  I need to put one in my laundry room because I AM SICK TO DEATH of not knowing where the broom is!
So, what about you guys?  What are you doing this weekend?


Kelly said...

Well, we ARE going to the lake. And it isn't going to rain AND it is going to be low 80s AND it's the first nice weekend we've had this spring.

My dad owns a cottage on a lake. That's where we're going. The lake is way, way, way high so the dock isn't in. But he has the boat ready to go; we could drive to the boat launch.

I really need to make a schedule/routine for summer. We are finished with school and I have several weeks looming ahead of me with no plans. And I don't do so well with that much empty time and no husband coming home to keep me company and grown up kids with their own lives.

So I'm planning to make a loose schedule of exercise routine, meal plans (I hate to cook when I have no clue who is going to be here and it's mostly only me and maybe mr. picky!).

Our weekend is incredibly busy with Allen's birthday Friday, an open house an hour from home Sat., and the picnic (also an hour from home) Sun. Doug goes back to work Monday morning. I may crash my sister's picnic.

Jennifer M. said...

Busy busy busy! I'd love to see some pics of your scrapbooking (maybe that'd make a good guest post) ;)

For this weekend I'm mainly taking it easy (aka: revamping my blog, watching lots of tv, and generally not showering). Monday afternoon I am going to over to my parents house for my birthday party!! Yeah! That's about it though. I try not to schedule my weekends too full or I'd go crazy!