Monday, September 21, 2009

Sarah at the Dog Park

Missy, Kayla and a few of my coworkers washing the dogs. This little cutie pie is Lola, a 6 month old English bulldog. English bulldogs are my absolute favorite breed and I fell so in love with her!

That's our poor Roscoe getting a bath. Don't worry, he's a hound dog and still stinks. You can pour all the coconut shampoo on him you want, he's just going to reek no matter what.

I make a scene when I walk in the hood.

My first time at a dog park. It was cute! It was nice and shady (a must in the swamp) and had red fire hydrants for the dogs to pee on, which I found quite amusing.
Oh, and those jeans are driving me crazy. I only wore them because I didn't have anything else that could get muddy. And I'm not wearing sweats when I'm at a work function. So jeans and a tank top it was.

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