Saturday, September 26, 2009

Where'd I Go???

Look at that bruiser, huh. My poor little Bucket. He did a complete faceplant at school while carrying his 80 gazillion pound backpack, right on a metal grate that is covered with those circular bumps that they use for speedbumps. Trust me, it looks even worse now, but he is not letting me take any more pictures. But what a lovely shade of purple it is...

So besides this, nothing has happened this past week. I'm just working and taking care of kids and dealing with a challenging class. Unfortunately, my blog is what fell by the wayside.
Lucky for me, I already finished my paper for this week, and took my quiz. I'm done a day early, which means tomorrow will be all mine. After church, I intend to take the kids to the Springs for swimming and fishing. Now, my northern readers might think I'm a terrible mother for this, but I assure you, it is still 90+ degrees here in the swamp. It is warm enough for a swim, thankyouverymuch.

Can you believe, last week I did forget to take pictures of the football game. Don't worry...we lost 44-0. I could have taken a picture of my nachos, as it was the most exciting thing that happened. And they weren't even that good. Way too salty! I'm still not at that point where I carry my camera everywhere, unlike Mir. I don't want to leave it in my car because I'm afraid it will melt in the heat, and I'm usually in a rush and just forget to grab it while I'm out. Plus, it's not a small camera. I can't just shove it in my pocket. Anyway, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
I'm sort of out of stuff to say already. Unless you want to know the diagnostic code for a respiratory disease. Then I'm your girl. Go ahead...quiz me.

Mmmm, nachos. Cheesy goodness, and not a vegetable in sight. Even the corn used for the chips is scared of the dayglo cheese. Nom nom.


Michelle said...

You got no complaints from me...I haven't posted anything meaningful in over a week. It seems to be a growing trend around blogdom these days. Have you noticed? Surely we all haven't run out of interesting things to say, have we? I'm just too dang busy lately. Well, that and a little lazy too.

Sarah R said...

You know what, I have noticed. Most of my favorite bloggers are busy, busy ladies! You included!