Monday, August 24, 2009

Growing Up...

Missy with our cat Jack.

Missy with a ticked off Hercules.

Missy and our depressed dog Roscoe. If Roscoe had thumbs, he'd kill himself when she leaves the house. He is HER DOG.

Missy showing off her outfit.

Missy and her friend Kayla. I think Kayla looks a bit like a younger Winona Ryder. You?

Look who's excited about middle school. NOT.

Neither one wanted their picture taken this morning, but Mama wins every time.

"Mom! STOP IT!"

My babies started school today. Missy is in her first year of high school, Tiger is in 7th grade, and Bucket started sixth grade which is the first year of middle school around these parts. No more elementary school for us. Wow.

Anyway, here are some (blurred) pictures. I didn't have my glasses on and didn't realize that they were going to come out like this. But for reals, this is how I see without glasses on. This is Sarah-vision.


Miriam said...

ooh goodness, I'm envious of everyone's hair!! I can't believe that we were college freshman roommates and now you have a kid in high school and two in middle school... Someone better give you a HUGE hug girl!!

Sarah R said...

I can't believe it either, sweetie. I'm not sure how it happened!
Hugs are always welcome, my dear.