Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shame on THEM!

As many of you know, I'm doing my best to try and lose weight. Not as much for looks (I pretty much think I'm gorgeous now) but to control my diabetes and live longer to be with my friends and family. Anyhoo, this morning I made what I THOUGHT was a delectable breakfast. Two cups of coffee with half and half (I don't skimp on the half and half, it's my only vice I swear) a light english muffin, one tablespoon of butter (okay, that's my other vice, I don't eat margarine, it's real butter or nothing!), a packet of blackberry jam that I kept from Cracker Barrel, and a serving of applesauce by Motts. The entire breakfast was under 500 calories and is good energy on a rainy cloudy morning.

I love apples. Growing up in New York, apples are plentiful and cheap, and we always had them around. I didn't have any actual apples, but I did have those applesauce cups by Motts. I didn't even look at the ingredients (hello, its apples!) but only the calories, which was 110. It was only AFTER I ate that I snuck a peek and was horrified to learn that my perfectly healthy food had been tainted by corn syrup. WHY MOTTS WHY?!?! What is wrong with apples that you felt like you had to muck it up with that crap?

I guess I'm going to have to start making my own snacks and meals because most of the diet stuff out there is either full of salt, corn syrup and other preservatives. Be forewarned, I may start cooking. If you smell smoke, RUN.


Kelly said...

I know! Isn't it horrible. Doug likes to take applesauce cups in the truck. Easier that way. But is hard to find applesauce cups with just apples! If it doesn't have corn syrup, it has NUTRASWEET or SPLENDA! We don't do fake foods!

So annoying!

Sarah R said...

I understand having to do that in the truck.
We don't do fake foods either. I guess I need to get friendly with a local farmer's market. Plus we have a few crops in the backyard, but we just started them and they are nowhere near ready!

Kara said...

Have you looked at the Mott's natural applesauce? I don't think it has any sugar added, and it doesn't taste like it has splenda in it. It's pretty good once you get used to its tart flavor.

Sarah R said...

I will take a look at that, Kara. Thanks for the advice and for looking at my blog. :)