Monday, March 9, 2009

Screaming is an Option

Ok, let me just say, I love my husband, but if he was here, I'd strangle him.
Guys, I am still sick. I am fairly sure I have pneumonia, but I don't want to go to the doctor because I have no one to watch my kids, and I don't have time to be admitted. So I'll suffer until Mr. R gets home, and then maybe I'll go to the doctor and spend a few days in the hospital if needed. Crazy, right?
Anyway, Mr. R called me, right when I was in the middle of finishing up an acct and typing and he still kept yammering my ear off. I was trying to listen. He keeps calling me with diet tips and depression advice. So to say that these phone calls annoy me, is not an exaggeration.
Example: "Honey, go for an hour long walk! Kevin Trudeau says it cures depression!" Me, inwardly: "How depressed will I be that after 30 minutes, I'll be two miles from home and too tired to walk back? And no one around to pick my pathetic butt off the ground?"
Mr. R: "Honey, drink organic milk! It's better for you than regular milk." Me, inwardly: "I'm lactose intolerant. Will my explosive diarrhea be organic?"
And, the kicker: "Honey, I think your doctor is a quack. " This time, I didn't comment inwardly. I screamed "Then why did you cancel our reversal appointment?!?!" His response: "I just thought you needed to lose 50 pounds, that's it. I still want to have babies with you."
Peeps, I just wanted to cry. I don't like my emotions getting messed with. He KNOWS how badly I wanted this. And I am almost 34, I don't have much time left, biologically. This drives me crazy. Why mess with me? Why?
I said "NO." He was shocked. He said, "What do you mean, no?" "No, I'm done. You canceled the appointment, you decided you didn't want the surgery, and I cannot go jumping back and forth. We're done. No."
Now he says I'm being drastic!
I need to lie down.

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