Friday, March 27, 2009

Scary Busy

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. Trust me, even my own mama rarely hears from me these days. I hung up on my own sister because she called when every kid in a 3 mile radius was in my living room. I couldn't even hear her!

This week was extraordinarily busy. On Monday, I had a follow up doctor appointment, as I already mentioned. On Tuesday, I had a department meeting in which I spent 5 hours at work, but only 3 hours actually working. Plus I had to leave early because Tiger has saxophone lessons on Tuesdays at 5pm. On Wednesday, I worked a full day, but I had almost 90 accounts, which is double my normal. I got a lot done, but not enough.

On Thursday, I had to take more time off to take Tiger to the doctor. He has an ingrown toenail. Peeps, if you have never seen one of these atrocities, you are among the blessed. I'm not queasy around body parts (except eyeballs) but this made my stomach curl and I lost my appetite. Adolescent boy feet are not my favorite part anyway, but it does get worse. TRUST ME. So I missed three hours due to this doctor appointment. Now it's Friday and all my work is due at noon...approximately 14 minutes. And what am I doing? Talking to you people. Well, I am multi-tasking, I'm on hold with a doctor's office. But yeah.

I already have plans for tonight. They include ordering pizzas, reading my pharmacology book, cleaning my bathroom, and sleeping past 7am tomorrow!!!

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