Friday, March 27, 2009

New Smyrna Beach

I went outside to get mail today. Credit card bill (almost done with that one.) Someone begging me to refinance my house. Labwork bill. Then something else...something from my mom. She works at a place in New Smyrna Beach that rents condos. Nice place. Sometimes I bring the kids down there to say hi to her on weekends, while we play on the ocean. I can park for free there, hahahahaha.

Sometimes my mom will send me promotional stuff, and since she works there, I do get a discount. But...NSB is 20 mins away. No point in renting a hotel room when I live 20 minutes away, you know? It seemed silly. And I am a practical girl, if ya'll haven't figured that out yet. So I've never booked a room.

So imagine my surprise when I open the letter and it says: "Happy Anniversary a few months early! Let me know by May 1st if you need to change the date. Not everyone can celebrate 15 years of marriage! We can watch the kids and Roscoe on a Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Love, Mom and George."

And there is a paid invoice for three days in a 2bedroom 2 bath condo with an ocean view for August 8-11.

Wow. Just wow. My mom? Really? WOW.


~Tessa~Scoffs said...

What a wonderful mom you have! I found you via your comment on Kasmira's blog (What I Wore Today).

Sarah R said...

Well, hi, Tessa. Welcome!

Kelly said...

Sarah! That is an awesome gift.

I think I need to show this post to my MIL LOL.