Sunday, March 29, 2009

It Rained, Hallelujah, It Rained!!!

Did I spell hallelujah right? And what exactly does that mean? I'll have to google it.
It rained. Boy did it ever. Being woken up by a huge clap of thunder at 7am on a Sunday would not normally make me smile, but considering the clouds of wildfire smoke I've been waking up to lately, I'll take it. Supposedly, it was only half an inch, but I'm sure we had more. It rained for more than 8 hours straight. A few downpours, but mostly solid rain interspersed with breaks of drizzle. I ran outside in my pjs to pull Mr. R's tomato plants (he keeps them in pots in case it hails, supposedly I am to carry them inside...hahahaha!) out to catch the glorious rain. I made coffee. I shivered as the rain drops settled into my hair. I watched as the plants outside seemed to perk up right before my very eyes. The roses got brighter. The grass got greener. My crepe myrtle tree seemed to stand up straighter. It was lovely. I am grateful.

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