Thursday, December 4, 2008


Well, I have to say, I learned something very important about myself, thanks to

I have willpower. I really, really do.
But, MISS SARAH, starving yourself all day and then eating a 1500 calorie dinner is not helping your situation!
Basically, by 6pm, I'm so hungry from "dieting" all day, that I basically break down and start stuffing food in my face.
No more dieting. I am going to follow that old adage:
1) Eat like a king for breakfast.
2) Eat like a commoner for lunch.
3) Eat like a pauper for dinner.

Oh, and I am now walking 23 minutes in the morning. Yes, I'm timing myself until I can get a pedometer. When I first started, I could only walk 6 minutes before that calf pain crippled me. Now, I can walk around my block twice with no problems!

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