Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Couldn't Help Myself

Missy is out with her friend Jennifer, and the boys are playing over at their friend Zach's house (Jennifer's little brother, actually) and so I had the house to myself. I decided to do the dishes. Dishes done, I looked around. Hmmm, I still hadn't put up the non-perishable groceries from yesterday. Realized my pantry was a wreck and I couldn't even stuff it in there. So I started to unload the pantry and re-stack my goods. Then I realized I couldn't see into my spice cabinet. I took everything out of there, and realized I had doubles and triples of almost every spice. So I decided to dump all the spices into one respective container unless it was almost expired. Then it just got tossed, and the container went into recycling.
Three hours later, my cabinets and pantry are organized. I even alphabetized my spice cabinet. Then: I realized.
I need to go lie down. Thanks.


Lauren said...

Haha, turning into your mother is always a scary prospect! Maybe you need a SpiceStack to help keep your spices organized in the kitchen cabinet and accessible. Atleast that way you won't buy duplicates at the store when you cant find something! Check it out at and Happy Organizing!

Sarah R said...

Hey, Lauren, thanks for the tip! I have a ridiculously small kitchen and I'm constantly "losing" stuff. I'll definitely look into it. Thanks for visiting my humble little blog, too!