Sunday, November 16, 2008

Me, Up Close and Personal

This is a picture from my cell phone. I love the picture Miriam took of me back when I was 18 years old, but that's not me anymore. I don't have a new camera yet...I think Mr. R is planning to get one for me for Christmas. So I have stopped looking at them for now. But I wanted to take a current picture, and this was the only one that came out decent. Next time, I will make sure I don't wear black, since my hair tends to blend right in and I look like a large bald woman. Ha!
Anyway, when you e-mail or make a comment, this is who it really goes to. I took this picture maybe three hours ago.


Miriam said...

haha, in my mind you're still 18 years old and beautiful at any age...

Sarah R said...

Mir, I think you and I will always be 18 together, even when we're little old ladies getting the blue light special at the Cracker Barrel.