Friday, November 14, 2008

No Walking for Me Today

Oh, I am not feeling well. Not sick, just the usual monthly issues. I try not to kvetch and moan about cramps and the like, but boy this portion of being a girl is no fun at all! If I hear one more person tell me that exercise alleviates the pain of cramps, I will choke them with the string of a tampon. DO YOU HEAR ME? I'm hormonal here, darn it!
The lab-work with my Bucket didn't happen. After I scared the bananas out of him, telling him precisely what was going to happen (because I don't believe in springing it on them, I am truthful with them) they refused to do it because the physician forgot to write the diagnosis on the script. So home we went. He was quite joyful, thinking he got out of the needle in his arm. Too bad he doesn't know that that we're going to tomorrow instead, since they're open on Saturdays.
Mr. R is on another run. We are praying he will be home in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. That is less than two weeks from now. Because diesel prices are finally falling, he is making great money. I know so many people are losing their jobs and struggling, and I feel immensely blessed that this has not happened to us yet. I garner no hallucinations that we can't be touched by this crazy economy, but so far, we are both stable. I praise the Lord for that.
School is going well. I'm kind of annoyed with the research writing class. I don't understand why this was not included in regular English 1. Not only that, but I find it kind of sad that they are making me take a month long class on research writing, but that my paper is only three pages long. Three pages? A month? If Miriam or Chris C is reading, I'm sure they both remember the crazy paper we had to write at Flagler College. It was at least 20 pages long, and if we had three or more grammar errors, we failed the entire class for the semester. And I got a B, because I had one stinkin' grammar error! And that was before PCs, ya'll...we had a word processor, and that was it. You had to KNOW GRAMMAR in your own actual head, because the computer didn't correct you. Now that was real English 1, peeps.

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Lara said...

Thank you for your comment. Cyber hugs are just as good as regular ones. I hope the labs go ok.

Sarah R said...

Feel better soon, sweetie. And please take my advice to heart. It comes from someone who heartfully regrets a choice made in passion.

mom2nji said...

Sorry about the girl issues, I can get that. After 2 miscarriages in the past 6 mos the periods I do get knock me flat.
I am pretty sure I have the flu, I didnt have a good enough coupon for the dayquil so I got generic, lmao.