Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Clarification of Previous Post

Hello everyone, Happy day-before-Thanksgiving. I'm working, doing laundry, and as soon as I clock out, I'm on the pumpkin pie assembly line.

Eat Pie!
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Anyhoo, I have sufficiently calmed down enough to talk about the Bucket situation a bit further.

1) Mr. R took Bucket back to the hospital to do the special blood draw. He had to be fasting at first. Then eat a hellacious meal. Then get blood draw again exactly two hours later. These results will tell us if Bucket has diabetes.

2) Bucket DOES NOT have a tumor. Once I got my wits about myself and researched his medication RISPERDAL more thoroughly, I discovered that a side effect of his medication is the increase of prolactin. Bucket's NP Pam confirmed this. This could become a problem as he gets older (puberty) but since he's not there yet, its a non-issue at this point.

3) I didn't cry. Yes, I got watery-eyed a few times, but it never spilled. When one of my kids gets ill or has a condition, I go into research mode. I'm totally with G.I. Joe when he says, "And knowing is half the battle!" Plus I'm a nerd anyway.

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To all my reader(s)....have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. I hope you have lots of wonderful food, someone to hug, peace of mind, and lots of leftovers.


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