Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back to Basics

Hello, friends! I pray that everyone of you had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. I know this seems corny, but I'm thankful for everyone of you, too.
I wanted to share some pictures my mom took.

Mmm, turkey. That's my stepdad. I can't believe my mom got him in an apron.

That's my mom and stepdad holding Baby A. She wasn't feeling well at all. It was her first Thanksgiving though, she's three weeks old already!

That's my boss, Nicola. You can't even tell she had a baby three weeks ago! Grrrr....

All the kids (including the daddies) love to play games. This was one intense game of Monopoly.

My mom and stepdad have been married for twenty-two years. They're such a cute old couple together.


My sister Kelly and her husband Paul. Paul also works at FH with me and Nicola. Kelly wasn't feeling well either. And by the way, I'm sorta ticked at her, because now Missy is sick! THANKS A LOT, GERM WARFARE!!!


Tiger, trying to hide from the crowd. What in the world is he watching? Looks like a baby show.

Mr. R with Bucket and Missy. Missy's shirt has chickens on it, and it says "My Peeps." I think it's hilarious.

Last but not least, me and my husband.

What's that I'm wearing? Could it possibly be...gasp!...a red shirt? Say it ain't so. Hey, I'm consistent, what you want from me?

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