Saturday, August 11, 2012

Slowly Returning to Normal

Hubby is home and he took my picture today; it occurred to me that I hadn't done any pictures in about two weeks, except for Tiger being in the hospital.  It feels good to be doing things I normally do; go to church, go grocery shopping, that kind of thing.  Tiger is recuperating great and we have an appointment on Wednesday for a final check up.

I had to buy this dress when Tiger was in the hospital.  I went out to Target to get him new pjs because he had hemorrhaged over his old ones (sorry if that's gross, but blood and vomit and poo don't bother me much) and I got caught in a horrific rain storm with no umbrella.  I couldn't go home, so I just bought this dress while I was there.  I bought it too big unfortunately, but it's super comfortable and I actually happen to be wearing it again right now as I'm typing this.  It's Merona (like I have to say that) size 2 in plus.  I should have gotten the 1.  It's easily three inches too long and big in the shoulders for me.  Wearing my blue Avenue cardi and a blue tank.  I think I'm wearing pink flops, I can't remember what shoes I wore today.

Off to buy Tiger a new mattress (it was destroyed during his illness, I couldn't get rid of all the blood and stuff that had seeped into it and we decided to toss it and start over) and go grocery shopping, too.

The famous magnolia tree, this time I managed to avoid the ant piles.

Our sego palm, but my neighbor's house. 

And a reminder that Tiger is not my only child; here are Bucket and Missy having a quick afternoon snack at Zaxby's in Orange City, Florida.


Anonymous said...

Cute dress, looks GREAT on you.
Love the photos of the kids :)

Kelly said...

LOVE that dress on you! And I'm glad things are returning to normal :) Normal is good.

Sarah R said...

Normal is good, indeed! I'll take normal over drama any ol day.
This dress is on sale at Target for $24 and change right now, at least in my area. There is a black and white one, and I plan to get it when I get paid on Friday, but in the size 1.

Alison (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

Oh poor Tiger, what an awful and scary situation!

That dress is super cute on you, totally worth it to take it to the cleaners to shorten if you like, I always have to get straps and hem shortened in most any maxi dress I buy and they in DC do it usually for around $10 or less.

Sarah R said...

Alison, it really was a scary thing since my kids are never sick and this happened oh-so-fast!
And I am blessed: my mom happens to be amazing sewer (although maybe not quite a seamstress.) She made lots of dresses and shirts for us as children, and she is always shortening dresses for me!